June 27

Imam Shafai on Issuing a Fatwa

Issuing a Fatwa

Imam Shafai said the below regarding the qualifications of the one who can issue a fatwa

“It is not permissible for anyone to give a fatwa about the religion of Allaah except a person familiar with the Qur’aan, who knows what is abrogating and what has been abrogated, who knows what is muhkam (definitive) and what is mutashaabih (ambiguous), who knows the interpretations of its verses and the circumstances of their revelation, who can distinguish between Makkan verses and Madeenan verses, and knows what is intended by [its wordings]. Continue reading

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April 3

Islamic Etiquettes – A Universal Bond

I always wondered about the so many do’s and don’ts prescribed in Islam for day to day matters. But a thorough study of Islamic etiquettes reveal practices ranging from almost all the various matters associated with one’s personal or social life. Right from the personal acts of drinking water to social habits like greeting a guest, dealing with customers etc., are some of the many areas where Islam has laid down uniform standards for its followers. Continue reading

March 21

The Real & Genuine Breathless

Shaikh Abdul Basit Abdul SamadWhile I was in school back in the late 90’s, a singer from the subcontinent was famously referred to as breathless for releasing a single which he apparently sang in one breath. Initially, all listeners were divided whether was it really a single breath (I was not among them), his expertise, or recording techniques. Continue reading

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