May 24

Not a ‘just another’ omelette!!!

I am one of those few guys out there who can give women some serious competition in the kitchen. No, I don’t dig for those vessels and spoons and I can cut onions myself. So, as my better half is busy with her year end events and reports as an early year teacher, I thought of trying my hands at a quick and simple dinner. And no prices to guess that eggs are unbeatable (you can use a fork though :P) when it comes to ‘quick and simple’.

I’ve been doing simple omelettes, french toasts, mashed sweet eggs and much more (trust me) in the kitchen since I was in school. But today, I decided to come up with a more filling and ‘different’ omelette. I have enjoyed similar omelettes in posh restaurants for breakfasts, so thought of trying something equally classy at home.

What you need?

Two eggs, one not so medium (and not so small) onion, chopped olives, pepper, salt, red chili powder, olive oil and soy sauce.

Ingredients put together

What to do?

Crack both eggs into a bowl, add the chopped onions (admit it, you were weeping), chopped olives. Sprinkle half a teaspoon salt, pepper and red chili powder. Lastly, add a teaspoon of olive oil and soy sauce. Beat all of this until they completely mix together.

All Beaten Up

Roll up your sleeves now!!!

Take a small sized frying pan and heat a teaspoon full of organic Ghee (I’ve got a box full of homemade ghee from Pakistan). You can use the ones available in your closest supermarket too. Make sure you don’t heat the ghee too much. Pour the beaten egg solution in the frying pan. Make sure the flame is not too high else you will end up cooking the bottom half while the top part left uncooked. Cover the frying pan with a transparent lid to retain the heat within the frying pan. The trick is to allow the omelette to slowly cook both sides so that you don’t have to flip it over and over again. The transparent cover helps you keep an eye on the omelette without lifting the lid. The ghee prevents the omelette from sticking to the pan while the closed lid allows the top side to cook without that heart breaking flip (yes most of us get it wrong!!!)

Frying Starts

You can see it coming out well

Cover the frying pan with a transparent lid

Here you go!!!

If you’ve done everything right, then within 5-10 minutes you should be ready with your very own homemade yummy, juicy, and filling omelette. You can top it with cheese, garnish it with herbs, have it as a sandwich or just relish it with a fork and knife. Do drop me a comment below and tell me how did yours turn out.

All done

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The author is pursuing his bachelors in islamic studies from Knowledge International University, KSA. He also holds a bachelors in IT & is a CCTV consultant by profession.

3 thoughts on “Not a ‘just another’ omelette!!!

  1. Talha Akbar

    Well just to add for the next attempt, pour half cup milk in the mixture it will help to thicken the omelette as if you are having a Thick Pan Omelette. Trust me you will like it.


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