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Parents Retire, Parenting Does Not – by Nisaar Nadiadwala

The book highlights some very eye opening aspects about parenting which is a must know for Muslim parents.Parenting, these days, is mostly portrayed as the ability to juggle and adjust with the ever growing demands and behavioral changes of the younger generation. Seldom does anyone address the root cause(s) of such issues and advice accordingly.

I happened to read a book by my respected teacher and a good friend, Brother Nisaar Nadiadwala, titled ‘Parents Retire, Parenting Does Not’. The title of the book is self-explanatory and clearly reflects that parenting is not a time bound duty which is completed and then done away with. The author has wisely used divine instructions, social statistics, real-life experience, examples and logical conclusions to prove without doubt that parenting is a life time role which leaves a lasting impact on the children and their eventual role in the society. It is the parents that make or break a child’s personality. Apart from the financial and material contribution, what eventually shapes a healthy individual are the values, ethics and the emotional contribution that are passed on from one generation to another.

The book highlights some very eye opening aspects about parenting which is a must know for Muslim parents. Firstly, parenting is a divine duty for which one will be answerable to the Almighty. The author backs this claim by quoting passages from the Quran citing efforts of Prophets towards their children and narrations from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Secondly, parenting is to be lead by example and not by mere lip service, lecturing and scolding. Serious issues like lying, back biting, profanity & obscenity are usually taken from actions or lapses of the parents. Thirdly, it is the duty of parents to introduce and embed the proper Islamic belief in their child, as parenting is mostly focused on moral development. One should remember that as a Muslim, our personality is a combination of the right moral values and the right belief in our creator.

Any Muslim parent or soon to be Muslim parent, who wants to realize the lost glory of Islamic parenting, should read this book with full attention and start implementing the golden values preached therein. Having much said about this book, I would leave my readers with excerpts from it to encourage them to buy a copy and proudly own it and also gift it to his / her colleagues, family members and close friends.

Parenting is a responsibility, and it becomes a privilege only if that responsibility is performed well.

when you conduct your parental responsibilities with full sincerity, you are actually facilitating your own old age with its accompanying weaknesses and senility…So parenting is like a tree that continues to benefit till it dies.

Why don’t couples want to have babies anymore? Men are reluctant to take on family commitment, whereas women don’t want children to tread upon their independence.

Don’t be orphaned in your old age by discarding children in your youth.

Have you ever studied the character report of your child, aside from his academic performance?

Successful parenting is not about accomplishing big projects like arranging a whopping amount of fees for your children’s education or providing cars and branded commodities to them, but it is about succeeding in inculcating small traits like good habits and self management in your child.

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